Workshop on Approaches to Medium Term Agricultural Outlook Modelling Under the Project “Agricultural Outlook and Scenario Analysis Reports” Commissioned by National Food Security Mission, Ministry of Agriculture Organised by National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi

Held on November 30, 2012 at India International Centre, New Delhi

Workshop was also organised by NCAER and National Food Security Mission under the Project on 30th Nov. 2012 at India International Centre, New Delhi. The focus of the workshop was on developing an approach to the medium term outlook assessment for the food commodities that take into account the supply- demand conditions, prices and other policy variables. Ms. S. Bhavani, Principal Adviser, Ministry of Agriculture, Chaired the Workshop. Mukesh Khullar, Joint Secretary and Mission Director, National Food Security Mission, in the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, in his Opening remarks stated that it would be a pioneering exercise to come out with Medium term agricultural Outlook Report. The workshop would provide a forum to discuss Econometric models developed for Medium Term Agricultural Outlook Assessment by experts in the field and a suitable Model for India would be adopted which will help policy decisions in the wake of food price volatility and to face any eventuality. There were 4 presentations at the workshop which provided a range of options that may be available for taking the work under the project forward. The presentations are listed below:

Click here to Download - Medium Term Modelling Agriculture Outlook

Click here to Download - FAO- GIEWS Presentation

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