In this report, we have presented an assessment of the medium term prospects of supply and demand conditions for the major food commodities along with factors influencing these conditions. Update of our September 2013 medium term projections shows that the current estimates of output growth rates are lower than the previous assessment in September 2013 in the case of wheat, rice and oilseeds. The range of updated growth rates has narrowed in the case of coarse grains but with a decline in the average of the projected range. The projected growth rates based on trend analysis are also lower in the case of sugarcane, potato and onion.

Comparison of projected production and demand conditions point to the need for measures to support growth in production and supplies in the case of wheat, coarse grains, onion and banana (or fruits more generally). Greater attention to development of markets would be needed in the case of rice, potato and milk. In the case of sugar, the current pace of production matches the growth rate of demand and efforts to improve productivity would result in scope for exports over the medium term.

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