Agriculture and allied sector registered a GDP growth of 2.14 per cent in H1: 2012–13 as compared to 3.4 per cent in the same period in the previous year. The decline in agriculture's output was mainly in response to lower kharif season crop output as a result of erratic monsoon rainfall last summer. The global outlook for food commodities remains mixed as the output of wheat, maize and overall coarse grains is expected to be lower in 2012–13 as compared to the previous year. However, the rice production is expected to be steady and edible oil supplies are expected to be adequate given the significant carryover stocks of last year. Sugar supplies have also improved leading to declining prices in international markets.s

December 2012

India's rabi production prospects are positive given the relatively favourable weather conditions especially in the case of wheat and mustard. Against the government's scaled down wheat production target of 86 million tonnes for 2013, actual production is likely to reach more or less at the same level as last year's record 93.9 million tonnes or marginally lower. Rabi rice planting is lagging behind last year's level due to dearth of irrigation water availability in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Hence no significant increase in rabi rice production is expected, which is currently forecast at 13.4 million tonnes against last year's 12.8 million tonnes, taking total 2012–13 rice production to 99 million tonnes against 2011–12 production of 104.3 million tonnes. Taking into account the projected output of coarse grains and pulses, the rabi foodgrain output is projected at 126.1 million tonnes marginally lower than the rabi harvest of 125.1 million tonnes in 2011–12. Total rabi oilseed production (nine major oilseeds) is projected to reach around 11 million tonnes against last year's 9.2 million tonnes, with most of the increase confined to rapeseed/mustard, now projected at 7.5 million tonnes against last year's 6.8 million tonnes. This takes total 2012–13 major oilseed production to 31 million tonnes, one million tonne more than in 2011–12.:

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